Many organizations are trying to adapt and adopt new ways of working and I want to support as many leaders as I can, to effectively support their people through these times.

If your organisation is to survive and thrive in these uncertain times, you need to rethink the way you develop as leaders or how you develop your leaders.

I really believe that actionable knowledge is power and understanding how the brain works, empowers leaders and educators to be the best version of themselves and the result is ‘increased workplace performance and productivity’- Maureen Chiana.


Our Strategies consist of Five Key Areas: NeuroREACT:

Rewire your brain for success – awareness of beliefs, mindset, perceptions and impact in the workplace
Emotional Intelligence – managing emotional and mental states for increased performance
Adaptability – empathy, flexibility through change/leading change
Connect – Increased employee engagement with learners and each other, through more effective communication, feedback and collaboration.
Transform – transformation with behaviour change that boosts productivity, and outcome whilst increasing expectations and profits.


You learn to use brain-based skills to breakthrough mental and emotional limitations, to become serving leaders that lead at a higher conscious level.

You learn to manage your emotional state, so you breakthrough negative thinking patterns to achieve the organizations goals, build resilience & confidence, stay focused to lead at a higher level and achieve higher performance, higher productivity and profitability.  

By using these skills, you will  maximize the value you get from the communication and collaboration of your staff, which is essential to improving the quality of service provided across your institution.

Benefits of Training With Us

  • Receive an Accredited CPD Certificate on completion
  • Work at your own pace
  • Interactive & engaging sessions
  • Get ongoing support to embed your learning
  • Join our leaders community where you can interact with other leaders, get support and build relationships.
  • Lots of worksheets, exercises and activities to help you 'rewire your brain'.

Using Neuroscience To Achieve High Performing Leadership

This time calls for a new conscious leadership capacity to meet the challenges faced, in a more intentional and strategic way. 

To develop such a capacity would allow leaders create a workforce of greater possibilities.

Your success as a leader or manager does not depend on 'What you do' or 'How you do it,'  but on the 'Inner workings of your Mind'.

Conscious leadership is about integrating your mental and emotional states and collaboratively bringing innovative solutions to the challenging issues of the organization.

Success isn’t possible without changing the behaviour of people throughout the organization. But changing behavior is never easy even when it is obvious, that new habits will lead to significant progress.

Leaders and managers that understand the recent breakthroughs in the Neuroscience of leadership can lead and influence mindful change: true transformation must take into account the functionality of the brain, and the ways in which it predisposes people to resist some forms of leadership and accept others. 

It is imperative now that to truly be a successful productive organisation calls for looking forward and leaving the past behind.

Most organizations have missed out on the benefits of collaborative working as they find that highly competitive teams are secretly working against each another.

The Benefits of this are:

  • creation of an empowered workforce with lasting transformative change.
  • increased employee engagement
  • greater creativity and innovation
  • increased productivity and high performance
  • support with 'Succession Planning'

- with an overall outcome of improved sustained business results.

To discuss your training or consultancy requirements, click here to complete the form or send me an email: [email protected].

Some of our Programs include:

  • Neuroscience of Leadership

    Learn the highlights of recent neuroscience research to improve abilities to think more effectively, creatively and collaborate with others by understanding how the brains processes information.
    - A better understanding of the brain and human behaviour can drive organisational effectiveness to a very high level.
    This training uses the power of neuroscience to enhance leadership and business performance.

  • Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

    Emotional Intelligence is one of the keys to effective leadership and increased performance.
    Research has now shown that the ability of individuals to understand their own emotions, and those of the people they work with, is the key to better business performance.

  • Boost Resilience To Thrive in Uncertain Times

    Develop your ability to adapt and thrive in disruption. - Learn how to stay confident and unwavering without fear [avoid thinking traps]
    In order to adapt and thrive, organisations need leaders who can think strategically, lead calmly and effectively to create new value for customers and new opportunities for your business.

  • Managing Bias In The Workplace with the Brain in Mind

    Despite so much money spent on diversity initiatives, the workforce still suffers from a diversity gap and bias in hiring, promotions and allocating tasks remains some of the core challenges in solving this problem.
    This training covers some of the following key points:
    - How our brains processes information
    - Why our brain makes shortcuts
    - The danger these shortcuts can pose - How biases are created in the brain and impact on decision making
    - How to reduce bias in hiring
    - The 5 main types of Bias and how to mitigate them
    - What unconscious bias in the workplace can mean
    - How we can implement methods to avoid unconscious bias in decision making
    - Strategies to measure impact of training and progress in mitigating bias

  • Creating and Managing a Hybrid Team

    Many organizations are facing the challenge of deciding on the best working model, with leaders and executives worried that a hybrid workspace would make them lose control, ownership and possibly a level of certainty.

    Managing a hybrid team requires a different approach. Learn to nurture a hybrid team that is more motivated, inspired and productive.
    - Develop effective communication techniques that eradicated biases, to get the best out of teams.
    - Develop a hybrid team that works collaboratively.
    - Increase team performance through clear goal setting and communication.
    - Improve the effective use of technology within the organisation.
    - Develop trusting relationships that ensure the team work towards shared goals.
    - Keep your teams happy, motivated and effective.
    - Maintain your company culture or develop a growth culture that nurtures a hybrid workspace.

  • The Science of Successful Organisational Change

    Change-agility creates adaptive organisations that can surf the waves of disruptive technologies. Enabling leaders understand how the brain reacts to change, to empower you to lead effectively.
    - Understand the biological reason why change is difficult and how to overcome this.
    - Turn anxiety and overwhelming threats into manageable emotions and threats.
    - Help others see the opportunities ahead in the face of change and potential threats.
    - Have tough conversations in a brain friendly way.
    - Maintain focus, emotion and momentum to maximize engagement, learning and growth.

Manage Change Successfully Workshop

Preview Examples of our 2 Half-Day Workshops

What Others Say...

“I attended a business conference with Maureen as a Keynote Speaker - her session was on Wired for Success.
The session unlocked my mind, my thinking, my brain! Suddenly, I looked at my notes at the end of her session and there was the answer - I had mapped out my journey. Thank you Maureen for a fruitful session.”

Blessing By Ble

“Maureen carried out a highly regarded and successful development day on Emotional Intelligence for Leaders at our NHS Trust. The day was expertly led and delivered, with a depth of scientific knowledge and effective communication to make the subject matter accessible to all. Highly recommended.”

K. Woods - NHS Kent

“Maureen is excellent at what she does - nurturing leaders using approaches in neuroscience. What particularly stood out for me was how accessible she made very abstract scientific concepts.”

Gloria Appiah - Lecturer at University of Kent

“The way in which you set your mind can enable positive and quick progression within your professional life.
After working closely with Maureen, and taking part in different trainings, a mind-set which was confident and encouraging was gained and built upon.
Salary in the last four years has increased significantly with a move into management in a short space of time.
Maureen is an expert in changing mind sets and enabling individuals, teams, as well as organisations to be able to move forward towards a goal. ”

J. Karakanna

“You inspired me and gave me self confidence and look what happened!! I have just won the Excellence in teaching and learning award. I also won a West Norfolk Champion award (for my teaching and helping students and therefore making an impact on my community). The mayor of King's Lynn presented me with the award.
Thank you for just being you and literally changing my life.”

D. Fletcher

“It is always a pleasure to recommend those women whom I've met through Ellevate Network. Maureen and I first met when we were both members of an Ellevate Squad. She was thoughtful, giving and highly engaged. Maureen's approach to leadership transformation is unique and highly effective. She is an interesting and engaging speaker. She has lent her consiberable talents to Ellevate Network and our members are better for having heard her speak and/or engaging in her workshops. If you are able - Hire Maureen Chiana.”

Margye Solomon

“Maureen Chiana is an outstanding speaker whose knowledge and presentation style consistently leave a significant impression on audience members. We hosted Maureen on the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center stage for sessions on organizational resilience and intentional communication, which were both not only informative and practical but also filled with real-life examples that made the content relatable and engaging. She has an abundance of insight into different customer types and can seamlessly make sense of the intricacies of customer behavioral patterns. Overall, she has an incredible ability to simplify complex concepts and explain them in a way that resonates with her audience. What I appreciate most about Maureen is her empathetic approach to leadership and the way she encourages business leaders to become deeply connected to their 'why' and thoughtfully partner with others who are aligned with that vision. Maureen is a good friend of the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center community and business leaders that we work with continue to find great value and inspiration in the perspectives she has shared.”

Michelle Eisenberg

“I have had the pleasure of working with Maureen and cannot recommend her enough. Maureen’s approach to leadership is exceptional, she gains great insight very quickly and offers valuable strategies and solutions, which can be applied by staff at various levels. ”

Theresa Bray - Assistant Principal, London

“Having worked closely with Maureen over the past several years, I cannot think of anyone I have enjoyed learning from more; her unwavering commitment and professionalism have helped to drive through systemic changes that have had a hugely positive and lasting impact on all teams within the organisation. Maureen is an inspirational leader who takes great pride in developing others and someone whose attention to detail is second to none. Working alongside and learning from Maureen has helped me to become the leader I am today and I look forward to seeing her continue to shatter barriers and push the limits of what is considered achievable. ”

Jonathan Y.D Service - Assistant Principal at Sir George Monoux College

“I am pleased to say I did the The Mindsight Academy Emotional Intelligence course created by Maureen Chiana. I started the course in January 2021, slowly working through all the material over a 6 month period. The program was life changing and very inspirational. It gave me a new outlook leadership. I learned a new set of skills that improved my effectiveness and confidence. I recommend The Mindsight Academy for anyone wanting to take their career to the next level! ”

Alison Goddard - Senior Director Project Management at PPD

Who will benefit?

  • Executives and Board Members

  • Middle and Senior Managers

  • Teams that want to excel

PRISM Brain Mapping Diagnostics

We use PRISM Brain Mapping Diagnostics [a Neuroscience based tool] as an initial diagnostic tool to help individuals and leaders understand their behaviour preferences.

The ability to improve business performance has to look at behaviour rather than personality in order to create organisational change and to develop team and personal performance.

PRISM Certified Practitioner Logo


Packages will be tailored to meet your specific needs.

To enable you embed the learning, we will work with you to create a program that best suits your needs.
  • Time Frame - Half day to One -day Introductory sessions.
    Full Training Programs range from 3 - 12 months depending on your specific requirements.
    Training is usually spaced out to give time to practice the new skills and tools and address any aspect of developing self and others.
  • Consultancy - We work with you to identify areas for improvement and develop a training program that leverages on science to create behaviour change and form new daily habits.
    We deliver this work in a dynamic blended model that can be virtual and/or in-person, allowing for inclusion of employees wherever they may be.
  • Prism Brain Mapping Diagnostic - We always start with leaders/mangers or teams doing this diagnostic to help establish their unique behaviour or team behaviour preferences based on brain activity. Unlike traditional psychometric instruments, PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory.
  • Brain Based Coaching is included in our packages for stickability.
  • Learning Styles are varied to support different preferences, such as: facilitation, webinars, case studies, role-playing, video tutorials, group work and games.
  • Assessments - Participants are expected to work through worksheets, templates, action plans with a variety of tools and techniques to aid their self-study, learning and action taking.

Meet Your Instructor

Maureen Chiana

Maureen Chiana


Maureen Chiana, the visionary founder and CEO of The Mindsight Academy, is a distinguished NeuroLeadership Expert specialising in the integration of neuroscience with leadership and self-leadership training. Her groundbreaking work significantly enhances decision-making, emotional intelligence (EQ), and performance for professionals worldwide. As the host of the Lead To Excel Podcast, Maureen provides actionable insights that empower leaders to achieve and exceed their professional goals.

Her innovative approach focuses on the brain-mind-body connection, utilising advanced strategies to promote substantial personal and professional development. Her pioneering methods in neurocoaching and corporate consulting have established her as a leading voice and authority in the field.

A key aspect of her expertise is in cognitive enhancement techniques that elevate brain function, which is crucial for improving EQ, communication, resilience, and innovative thinking. These skills are vital for effective leadership and organizational productivity. Maureen collaborates with top organizations such as NHS UK, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens Healthineers, offering presentations that blend humour with transformative insights.

Within The Mindsight Academy, Maureen also leads the Mindsight Women's Network, a faith-based initiative that empowers Christian women through the integration of science and scripture. This network offers a nurturing environment where faith-filled women can bloom to their fullest potential, drawing strength from both scientific insights and spiritual principles.

With a comprehensive background spanning various sectors and a profound commitment to neuroscience, Maureen is adept at helping professionals to master emotional intelligence, enabling them to navigate mental barriers and enhance their adaptive thinking. This focus strengthens both their leadership and self-leadership capabilities.

Through engaging workshops, courses, and speaking engagements worldwide, Maureen demystifies the brain-mind-body connection and provides science-based strategies for peak performance. Her work not only spans multiple continents but also revolutionises leadership practices by infusing them with scientific rigour and practical, emotionally intelligent solutions.