The brain is the source of all human behaviour.

It stores our memory, enables us to feel emotions, gives us our personalities and produces the behaviours that enables us to survive and achieve success - in short; it makes us who we are.

Neuroscience has also shown us that people tend to be most motivated when they using their preferred Behaviour.

Prism will help you bridge the gap between where you are and possibilities.

PRISM as a tool of insight into yourself and your people.

"It's not enough to be in the right place at the right time. You have to be the right person in the right place at the right time." - T. Harv Eker

Knowing more about your behaviour - and yourself - can help you lead a life with less friction and greater fulfilment.
  • Do you wonder how you can make the best use of your natural talents?
  • Are you struggling with personal or professional relationships?
  • Are you worried about making the right career decisions?
  • Do you want to make sure that you are recruiting the right people into the right roles?
  • The answers are in your PRISM report!

    A deeper understanding of YOU and YOUR PEOPLE unlocks potential and provides important insights into these questions and much more.
    Certified PRISM Practitioner

    The Key To Understanding Your Behaviour
    and Unlocking Your Potential

    PRISM Brain Mapping is a unique way of identifying people's behaviour preferences based on brain activity.
    Unlike traditional psychometric instruments, PRISM approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory.To facilitate understanding, PRISM uses colours to illustrate the behaviour preferences.

    Although the PRISM model is a schema for brain functioning, the PRISM maps represent the dynamic interaction that takes place within the brain and is based on the principle that no one part of the brain does solely one thing and no one part of the brain acts alone. All our thoughts, emotions and actions are the results of many parts of the brain acting together.

    Each PRISM 'Map' is a picture of the user as a UNIQUE individual!

    Knowing more about your behaviour - and yourself - can help you lead a life with less friction and greater fulfilment. Even if you uncover qualities of your behaviour you're unhappy with, the information can help you understand the things that may need changing. The good news is that PRISM gives you the opportunity to understand who you really are. All our products are based on decades of scientific research.

    The Science of using PRISM Brain Mapping for Business Growth & Success

    PRISM focuses, not only on the brain’s functional architecture, but also on how the neural networks interact with brain chemicals such as glutamate, dopamine, noradrenaline, serotonin, testosterone and oestrogen to create behaviour.

    Our thoughts, feelings, perceptions, and behaviours emerge from what is going on in our unconscious brain.

    Why PRISM Brain Mapping?

    PRISM 'Professional' is specifically designed to identify the behavioural preferences that directly relate to personal relationships and work performance.

    Many personality and individual assessment tests are based on bi-polar scales (either/or) type of questions.
    In other words, they identify people as either one thing or another.

    PRISM 'Professional' reveals balances and imbalances instead typecasting people.

    In addition to the normal PRISM repeorts, you can receive outputs on Emotional Intelligence and Mental Toughness.

    PRISM 'Professional' can also be used to manage a 360-degree process with the option to include generic or in-house competencies.
    It can also create team maps and match a team with a team benchmark. It contains a team diagnostic facility which measures the team's performance as well as the quality of inter-personal relationships within the team.

    If you would like to know more about PRISM and how it can enhance your business, click below to contact us. 

    Understand Your Unique Behaviour Preferences

    Self-awareness is the key to the success of every individual, and that's exactly what PRISM delivers.

    • Brain Mapping Diagnostics -


      PRISM Personal - not only offers you an insight into your behavioural preferences but how you adapt your behaviour to suit the demands of your job.

      Couple this with a one-to-one 45 minute Zoom or face-to-face coaching session for a truly unique insight into understanding yourself.

    • Brain Mapping Diagnostics -


      PRISM Professional - provides you with the most comprehensive insights into your behavioural and work preferences, plus reports on Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness and The Big Five.

      This also includes a 60 minute, Zoom or face-to-face brain-based coaching session so you can evaluate your true potential, create a plan and take appropriate actions.

    • What Are - The Big Five?

      The ‘Big Five’ traits are:

      • Extraversion
      • Agreeableness
      • Conscientiousness
      • Emotional Stability (the opposite of Neuroticism)
      • Openness to Experience

    The Big Five

    Who Is PRISM Brain Mapping For?

    PRISM is a great resource for:

    • Line managers 
    • Executives & Leaders 
    • HR specialists 
    • Business Owners
    • Individuals
    • Anyone interested in developing people.
    • Anyone involved in Career Development

    Understanding why you think the way you do - act the way to do - feel the way you do - is your key to success...

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    Do you want to understand yourself better and how you interact with the world and those around you?
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    ...the Brain Matters

    The better the fit between a person and the job, the better the performance.

    The Best Recruitment Results Come From Paying Attention To 3-Factors:

  • What the person likes to do most
  • What the person does best
  • What are the greatest value to the organisation.
  • Testimonials

    Read What Others Say...

    “Maureen is an expert in combining two essential topics, leadership and neuroscience, which makes her an excellent coach who helps you to make sense of your own and others behavior in the professional workspace and beyond.
    Not only is she a wonderful human being with the ability to emphasize and inspire; but also a professional guide with the skill to listen and ask the right questions.
    She has been helping me a lot to get into my power and grow my authentic confident self at work. ”

    Jennifer Bagehorn, UK

    “Maureen is a passionate and tireless advocate of brain-science & Neuroleadership. She is herself a leader. As a professional, she is reliable, practical and wants the best outcome for her clients.

    I have had the pleasure of knowing Maureen for many years; she has evolved into a woman of substance.

    Mimi Ajayi

    “Maureen supported our team as a consultant during a difficult and pressured period.
    She has a brilliant ability to identify and mobilise existing strengths to analyse, then work on what needed to be done. Her coaching skills are excellent. The kind of leadership she promotes generates positivity and preserves a team's emotional energy so that it can fully focus on the most important challenges.
    She keeps in touch and is relentlessly encouraging and confidence-building. In the term she was there, my subject area achieved its best-ever result.
    I keep learning from her and would highly recommend her.”

    Katrin Wilhelm



    Some of the behaviours that get people promoted are the very same ones that they need to either modify or manage more effectively when they become leaders. 

    PRISM Brain Mapping helps leaders identify their key behavioural preferences, and how they need to be modified or adapted at times to achieve the best results from individuals within their team.


    Job experience and IQ certainly have their place, but neither of these factors holds more sway in the realm of job performance than the persons ability to understand and manage his or her own emotions, and those of other people. PRISM measures and individuals personal preferences and can help an individual achieve greater success at work.


    The PRISM team performance indicator is a powerful, web-based tool for identifying and enhancing the performance of the team. 

    It uses anonymous, objective feedback from team members and others to measure how effectively a team is working, and to identify and prioritise areas for improvement.


    Recruitment does not need to be so arbitrary - it can be scientific. 

    Prism identifies behavioural preferences that may otherwise be overlooked in a standard interview and so directs attention to differences between what a person is comfortable doing and what the job actually requires if excellent performance is to be achieved. 

    PRISM makes it possible to align performance with the organisations goals as well as promoting more effective business success.


    The PRISM 360 enables an individual to obtain an insight into how up to 25 others see their actual behaviour on a day-to-day basis. 

    In addition, PRISM enables users to include either generic or in-house competencies and to correlate those competencies with a candidate's behavioural preferences. PRISM uses highly visual graphic outputs to facilitate effective understanding.


    Customers buy when they feel understood. So the successful salesperson shows customers that he or she understands them by giving them what they expect, or more. PRISM helps sales people to identify the customers behavioural preferences and needs. It helps them establish a rapport with  customers more effectively.


    Significant increase in business performance can be achieved where a positive and aligned culture exists. 

    The destructive influence of recruiting someone who does not share the same set of values, goals and commitment espoused by the organisation will weaken a strong chain of links and bonds. A good cultural alignment is essential as many employees leave their companies as a result of personality clashes or because they have trouble getting on with colleagues.


    Conflict may be defined as a struggle or contest between people with opposing needs, ideas, beliefs, values or goals. Some conflict is inevitable-however, the results of conflict are not predetermined. When we learn effectively to manage and resolve conflicts with others, then more opportunities for successful relationships are available to us. Most people are willing and interested in resolving the conflict they just need, skill set and opportunities.


    PRISM Brain Mapping does not only map a team's behavioural strengths,  it can also assist leaders to diagnose a team's performance and identify areas for improvement. 

    As the team matures PRISM Brain Mapping  will enable each individual develop new strengths and compensating strategies to enhance team performance.


    Just as people of different behavioural preferences accomplish work and communicate in different ways, they also have specific preferences on how to be coached. 

    Using PRISM, coaching professionals and managers can better tailor the language, strategies and goals to be in alignment with the individuals behavioural preferences or preferred ways of working.


    Do you want to understand yourself better and how you interact with the world and those around you?
    Choose the option that suits you best.

    Once you register, you will receive a link for the PRISM Brain Mapping Diagnostics Questionnaire.

    About Maureen

    Maureen Chiana


    Maureen Chiana, the visionary founder and CEO of The Mindsight Academy, is a distinguished NeuroLeadership Expert specialising in the integration of neuroscience with leadership and self-leadership training. Her groundbreaking work significantly enhances decision-making, emotional intelligence (EQ), and performance for professionals worldwide. As the host of the Lead To Excel Podcast, Maureen provides actionable insights that empower leaders to achieve and exceed their professional goals.

    Her innovative approach focuses on the brain-mind-body connection, utilising advanced strategies to promote substantial personal and professional development. Her pioneering methods in neurocoaching and corporate consulting have established her as a leading voice and authority in the field.

    A key aspect of her expertise is in cognitive enhancement techniques that elevate brain function, which is crucial for improving EQ, communication, resilience, and innovative thinking. These skills are vital for effective leadership and organizational productivity. Maureen collaborates with top organizations such as NHS UK, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens Healthineers, offering presentations that blend humour with transformative insights.

    Within The Mindsight Academy, Maureen also leads the Mindsight Women's Network, a faith-based initiative that empowers Christian women through the integration of science and scripture. This network offers a nurturing environment where faith-filled women can bloom to their fullest potential, drawing strength from both scientific insights and spiritual principles.

    With a comprehensive background spanning various sectors and a profound commitment to neuroscience, Maureen is adept at helping professionals to master emotional intelligence, enabling them to navigate mental barriers and enhance their adaptive thinking. This focus strengthens both their leadership and self-leadership capabilities.

    Through engaging workshops, courses, and speaking engagements worldwide, Maureen demystifies the brain-mind-body connection and provides science-based strategies for peak performance. Her work not only spans multiple continents but also revolutionises leadership practices by infusing them with scientific rigour and practical, emotionally intelligent solutions.

    Unlock the Full Potential of Your Mind with PRISM Brain Mapping!

    With PRISM Brain Mapping, delve into the exquisite depth and complexity of your mind. This tool does not merely help you comprehend your brain’s functional framework; it also enables you to appreciate and leverage the intricate interplay between your neural networks and vital brain chemicals, such as dopamine, serotonin, testosterone, and oestrogen.
    Understanding the dynamic influence of these chemicals is crucial, as they are pivotal in shaping the wiring of your brain and, consequently, your behavioral patterns.
    Acknowledging and harnessing this biochemical impact, you can anticipate a transformative journey with the following benefits:

    • Self-Awareness Booster: Understand the core of your behavior preferences and uncover the unconscious processes driving your thoughts, feelings, and perceptions.

    • Strengths & Weaknesses Analysis: PRISM helps you acknowledge and utilize your inherent strengths while minimizing the impact of weaknesses on your personal and professional life.

    • Decision-Making Mastery: Leverage your newfound self-awareness for making decisions that not only yield satisfactory results but also align perfectly with your natural behavior and work preferences.

    • Continuous Improvement: Identify and work on crucial areas that need improvement to foster both personal and professional growth.

    • Enhanced Career Success: With a comprehensive understanding of your brain and its preferences, significantly improve your chances of career success.

    • Holistic Behavioral Insight: Gain multifaceted insight into your behavior from various perspectives, empowering you to navigate through life with greater influence and confidence.

    • Tailored Work Preference Alignment: Link your natural behavior seamlessly with your work preferences, creating a harmonious balance that fosters productivity and job satisfaction.