Coaching With Neuroscience

Leveraging on brain-based science and Emotional Intelligence to help you flourish and exceed expectations ...

I’m providing virtual coaching to support executives, leaders, managers, teams and business owners who are working remotely. The sessions are specifically designed to help you through these times to thrive by managing your thoughts, emotions and actions.

I implement a highly effective way of coaching using neuroscience, emotional mastery and conscious leadership to help executives, senior leaders, and entrepreneurs flourish and exceed expectations. 

This drives results by leveraging the power of your brain towards unprecedented behaviour change.

Your brain is capable of processing 30 billion bits of information per second.

So I use this knowledge to help you not only bring about desirable change but also to understand why you behave in certain ways.

Succeeding in your personal and professional life requires self efficacy and resilience to take appropriate actions.

Our thoughts leak out in everything we do, often in ways that are outside our conscious awareness. These thoughts come out in our actions, in our desires, our beliefs, habits, values and in who we are.

Consequently, the key to influencing our responses is to change the inner signals.

Does this sound familiar?.......

  • You've got that leadership role and now you're asking yourself “Is this it? Surely there has to be more?”
  • You're in a high pressured job with conflicting demands on your time.
  • Feeling like a fraud or an 'Impostor' (I'm in the wrong room).
  • Feeling overworked, overwhelmed, stressed with no support and minimal resources with little to show for it.
  • Are you struggling to be an effective leader in a culture of uncertainty and chaos?
  • Feeling stuck, unmotivated and trapped.
  • Are you afraid to fail and therefore procrastinate and self sabotage. 
  • Lacking vision and direction in your work or career?
  • Find that you get stressed so easily and have tend to be pessimistic.

OR Is this you?.......

  • Determined to succeed in your leadership role and career.  
  • Want someone to help you rewire your brain and stand out of your own way, challenge you and hold you accountable as you work toward your goals?
  • Want to change roles but lack confidence to take action?
  • Need to be more assertive and need skills to manage conflict with ease. 
  • Need support with effective strategies and structure

NeuroCoaching is the fastest way for you to regain control of your life and career, so you can Thrive and Excel. 

I will help you break out of the deeply hardwired autopilot your brain favours and help you move into more empowering thoughts and deliberate actions, embedding new and positive behaviors and habits to ensure you achieve quick sustained success.

The Science

The brain is more sensitive to negative change.

Brain science, shows that our brains are built to detect changes in our environment and are more sensitive to negative change.

Focusing on problems or negative behaviour just reinforces those problems and behaviours. So, it's better to focus on the present and future solutions which requires the development of new neural pathways in the brain and learning new thinking patterns ['rewiring the brain'].
When new learning occurs, it literally changes the very architecture of the human brain. Changing habits and behaviour requires intentional effort.

Understand Your Personal Behaviour Preferences

Personalised 1:1 Brain-based Coaching

  • Brain Mapping Diagnostics -


    This is a standalone report that gives you a unique insight into your behavioural preferences.

  • Brain Mapping Diagnostics -


    PRISM Personal - not only offers you an insight into your behavioural preferences but how you adapt your behaviour to suit the demands of your job.

    Couple this with a one-to-one 45 minute telephone coaching session for a truly unique insight into understanding yourself.

  • Brain Mapping Diagnostics -


    PRISM Professional - provides you with the most comprehensive insights into your behavioural and work preferences, plus reports on Emotional Intelligence, Mental Toughness and The Big Five.

    This also includes a 60 minute, one-to-one telephone coaching session so you can evaluate your true potential and act on it.

  • Rewired for Success -

    (3 Hours - Neurocoaching/Mentoring)

    - For those afraid to take the next step, people ready to move to the next level or want to start out on their own.

    - I will help you to Clarify Your Goals and receive focused and personal help from Maureen to help you through your challenges

    - Are you preparing for an interview and promotion?

    - 2 x 1.5 Hour In-Person or via Zoom sessions.
  • Rewired for Success -

    (3 Months - Neurocoaching/Mentoring)

    - For leaders, managers and entrepreneurs who feel stuck, anxious and desperately need to create a new change or scale your business

    - PRISM Brain Mapping PERSONAL Diagnostics completed before session one and reviewed in first session

    - 60 mins (first session) Intensive in Person or via Zoom

    - Plus 5 x 1:1 Coaching sessions (1 session every fortnight for 3 months)

    - Unlimited (Mon -Friday) Email access in-between coaching sessions so you’re fully supported throughout the program

  • Rewired for Success -

    (6 Months - Neurocoaching/Mentoring)

    - For leaders in high pressured jobs dealing with constant change and uncertainty and want to increase performance fast.

    - 360 Feedback Diagnostics completed before session one and reviewed in first session

    - Maureen can shadow you at work, to pick up areas that need attention

    - Plus 9 x 1:1 sessions (1 session every fortnight) working on your action plan with specific actions steps

    - Unlimited (Mon -Friday) Email access in-between coaching sessions

    - 6 x 30 minute phone calls to be used at any time during the 6 months of the program

    - 1 x 45 minute Follow up session (to be used within 3 months from your last paid session

  • Rewired for Success
    Executive NeuroCoaching

    This option is to support senior leaders for 12 months.

    - You can stop at any time and jump back when you want.

    - The aim is to support you build resilience, empowering beliefs, high emotional intelligence, confidence and to lead at a very high level consciously.

    - Sessions can be In-Person or via Zoom

  • Rewired for Success
    NeuroCoaching for Healthcare Workers

    This option is to provide doctors, nurses, dentists and other frontline staff better mental health and wellbeing support

    Happy staff are more compassionate and provide safer care.

    - I will help you build your resilience, so you reduce and overcome stress

    - PRISM Brain Mapping Diagnostics completed before session one and reviewed in first session

    - Book a block of three or six coaching sessions,

    - Sessions can be In-Person or via Zoom

  • Rewired for Success
    NeuroCoaching for Teams

    - Help your team be better engaged and work and more effectively together

    -Initial exploratory meeting to find out what the team needs are, what the desired outcomes are and what the organisation requires from the coaching

    - PRISM Brain Mapping Team Diagnostics completed before session one and reviewed in first session

    -Discussion with the team leaders, and then I design a bespoke programme based on the core needs of the team

    -Three to four team coaching sessions, over a period of six weeks

Do you want to Know more about our Neurocoaching Options?

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What you will gain from my coaching:

I will help guide you to step out of your comfort and fear zone, so you become more confident, resilient and a HIGH PERFORMER.
You will learn that being a human being and high performance are not mutually exclusive - so discard the "the superhero complex."

  • Attain clarity around the present and the future.

  • Build a resilient team with a culture that enables people to thrive.

  • Build positive and effective relationships with your team, clients and customers

  • Develop confidence to make difficult decisions and achieve results fast

  • Learn how to stay calm during intense pressure

  • Develop new habits that stick!

  • Change your experience of situations and people for high performance

  • Learn how to get the best out of yourself and others

  • Discover the thinking that releases yours and others unique excellence

  • Build skills to become an exceptionally high performing manager, leader or CEO



Brain-based coaching is a structured approach to help you improve thinking and produce lasting change.

Within a coaching conversation, as a coachee, you will experience a focus and attention that enables you to develop greater self-awareness and a deeper appreciation of your circumstances: both challenges and opportunities.

Using PRISM Brain Mapping to understand human behaviour

Self-awareness is the key to the success of every individual.

- Have you wondered how to make the best use of your natural talents?
- Have you been struggling with personal or professional relationships?
- Are you struggling to lead your team to achieve high performance?

- Do you want to increase your confidence and resilience?

The answers are in your PRISM Brain Mapping report!

A deeper understanding of YOU unlocks your potential and provides important insights into these questions and much more.
Knowing more about your behaviour - and yourself - can help you lead a life with less friction and greater fulfilment.

Even if you uncover qualities of your behaviour you're unhappy with, the information can help you understand the things that may need changing.

The good news is that PRISM gives you the opportunity to understand who you really are and it leverages on recent scientific research.

PRISM measures the things that people like doing and the behavioural characteristics related to those things. Research shows that people whose interests match their occupations and activities find greater satisfaction, are more productive, and have higher levels of motivation.

These results can increase the individual's work performance and enhance the chances of career success. Indeed, a Harvard Business Review study has shown that staff turnover almost doubles when no job suitability match has been undertaken. The study also concluded that 80% of staff turnover can be attributed to mistakes made during the employee selection and recruitment process.


“Maureen supported our team as a consultant during a difficult and pressured period.
She has a brilliant ability to identify and mobilise existing strengths to analyse, then work on what needed to be done. Her coaching skills are excellent. The kind of leadership she promotes generates positivity and preserves a team's emotional energy so that it can fully focus on the most important challenges.
She keeps in touch and is relentlessly encouraging and confidence-building. In the term she was there, my subject area achieved its best-ever result.
I keep learning from her and would highly recommend her.”

Katrin Wilhelm, Programme Director CWA

“Maureen is a consummate professional with a clear system in place to take you and your business to the next level. That is what she did for me.
Maureen has a great capacity for deep listening and her approach is flexible and direct.
She carefully listened to me and worked me through a set of obstacles which has now set me on the right track.
She has an amazing attention to detail and uses skilled questioning techniques to bring out the best version of you for the work to be done.
I left each of my 1:1 mentoring sessions elated and confident that I could move the boundaries of my business forward.
I recommend Maureen highly to anyone who wishes to systematically scale up their business.”

Justina Illochi, Business Owner, London

“Maureen has a way about the brain! She will listen to you and coach you to be the best version of you.
Her technicality, knowledge and resilience is inspiring.
She helped me through a very crucial season in my business to achieve amazing results, For this I highly recommend her. ”

Blessing By Ble, Kent

“I was fortunate to have met Maureen during the training in Kuala Lumpur, since it has completely changed my life.
You have inspired me to continually improve myself and totally live the Growth Mindset way. My students are showing significant changes in their attitude ever since I introduced the Growth Mindset concept. ”

"Ana Raffali, Malaysia

“Maureen is an expert in combining two essential topics, leadership and neuroscience, which makes her an excellent coach who helps you to make sense of your own and others behavior in the professional workspace and beyond.
Not only is she a wonderful human being with the ability to emphasize and inspire; but also a professional guide with the skill to listen and ask the right questions.
She has been helping me a lot to get into my power and grow my authentic confident self at work. ”

Jennifer Bagehorn, UK


While I have over 30 years experience working in leadership and management, lecturing, and research in the Healthcare and Education industries, I also worked in IT as a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and many years as an Entrepreneur.

The turning point in my life came in 2002 when I opened the Premier Hair & Beauty salon for Afro and European hair in Kent, UK but had to close it after 4 years and lost a lot of money and my self esteem.
Have you ever felt that you are in a deep valley and not sure how to get out? That’s exactly how I felt. I was in total despair. I felt lost, alone, angry, despair, sadness, deep regret over how much time and money I had lost.
I told myself that I was a failure. I lost a lot of friends ( well, they turned out not to be friends). I was fast sinking into depression, laying awake at night and the tears would not stop flowing!
Do you know that feeling as of the rug has been pulled from under your feet?

“Change had to happen, I cannot continue like this,” I told myself.

“Why do some people fail and bounce back and others fail and and stay down?, I started asking myself. I started researching successful people.

Then I discovered something. I discovered that the Secret to Success was understanding ‘The Power of the Brain!’
To be successful, you have to take back control of your brain. I realised that I had to switch on my brain. It was then that I decided to snap out of self pity and take back control.
I started a very deep and detailed research into neuroscience to discover how the brain works and its influence on our life, career, success, finances and relationships. Things started to change and I went from total despair to setting up and running other successful businesses - opportunities started to come my way.

Now I dedicate my life to helping leaders, women, business owners and youths better understand how the brain really works, and equip you with the tools to effectively recognise and deal with just about any challenge and obstacle you encounter.

I will equip you to better understand your emotional responses, of clients, and colleagues and harness this power to mitigate the biases that negatively affect people and decisions, so that you can be flourish, become more resilient, exceed expectations and achieve high performance.