Soar Higher eToolkit - Part 1
This is the first section of the Soar Higher series.

'The world needs people who can lead and commit to solutions; not people who say 'it can't be done', and adopt compliance as a way of leading'.
As many organisations currently face the challenges of boosting their performance and productivity in these times of duress and stress, the ability to align employee purpose and organizational purpose is very crucial for achieving desired goals and high performance.

This means making sure that you have the skills needed to take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

With ever-increasing demands on personal energy, quick response times and constant real-time emergent issues requiring fast solutions in these uncertain times, people and businesses can become reactive, responding to life with little time to reflect on the wider implications or to prepare well-thought-out responses.
It might seem impossible to find the time to determine the purpose you or your business have, beyond day-to-day survival. However, all of these pressures are the very reason why clarity of purpose becomes all-important.

Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the vision to their people, passionately own the vision, and relentlessly drive it to completion. To achieve this, organizations have to start by putting purpose first starting now.

Though leaders, executives and boards are currently focused on stabilizing operations amid rapidly changing circumstances, you must now begin to drive the right conversations and actions around purpose.

The Soar Higher eToolkit - Self Discovery (Vol 1) equips you to determine your personal and corporate purpose, vision and values, because without these no future planning will be sustainable.

A Personal Revolution eToolkit for Individuals, Leaders and Executives

Turn Your Purpose Into Reality

“The point is not to become a leader. The point is to become yourself.” —Warren Bennis

  • Do you want to know who you are? 
  • Do you want to be at peace with who you are?
  • Do you want to build engaged and agile teams and be part of a resilient team?
  • Do you want to identify your strengths, and understand how to use your strengths for your own and your organisation’s benefit?
  • Do you want to stand strong on your values and purpose? 
  • Do you want to be a bridge builders and people connector?
  • Do you want clarity about what you care and are passionate about?

It doesn't matter who you are today. What matters is believing and taking actions to become who you want to be tomorrow.

Don’t let your life or business be one of regrets of what you could have done.

Self-awareness is integral to goal setting, and it starts with truly knowing yourself inside and out.

Does your self worth depend on your intelligence, your smartness, how good you are or how competent you are?

Do you believe that life is about making the most of what you are born with?

If you answered yes, you must change that mindset because, your past does not matter, what matters is who you are today and the price that you are willing to pay to get to where you want to be.

How hard are you willing to work, how much do you want to achieve your dreams and goals?

In order to maximise your chances of reaching your goal(s), you should identify your individual strengths and values and then make sure that you utilise them in your journey towards your goal(s). If you do this successfully, you will thrive in your personal and professional life.

This course will equip you to identify and understand how your values shape your life, career or business.

You will identify your strengths and areas that need to be adapted to achieve your desired goals. It's about working every day to get better because our brain is malleable.

Vision is the difference between knowing where you are going...

and going round in circles:

Vision is the essential ingredient for successful leadership. Without it, you will struggle to be influential.

As a leader you need a clear picture of where you want your team or company to be in 6 months, 12 months, and three to five years time. Without it, you have nothing to inspire you to persevere when challenges appear and you will struggle to get others to trust and follow you.

“Leaders create things that didn’t exist before,” - Seth Godin.
Soar Higher Workbook for Leaders

What Does Being Unstoppable and Unlimited Mean to You?

-- Are you ready to stop questioning yourself and finally rise above your self-doubt?

-- Are you ready to show up as you are and pursue your dreams unapologetically without other peoples' expectations holding you back?

-- Are you ready to live the life you know you can attain without self-sabotaging, fear and procrastination?

If any of these resonates with you, you will find this eToolkit extremely invaluable.

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    • Self-Reflection
    • A Sense of Self
    • What Is Your Story?
    • Who Are You Really?
    • Personal Analysis
    • Self - Discovery - Identity, Roles and Role Conflict
    • Self Discovery - Choosing a Mentor


    • What Is Your Life Purpose?
    • Gaining Clarity of Purpose
    • How to know your life purpose in 5 minutes | Adam Leipzig
    • Clarity of Corporate Purpose
    • The Role of Purpose in Leadership
    • What Is Your Vision?
    • Visioning Background
    • Rocking Chair - Life Vision
    • Honing Your Values
    • Step 1: Identifying Your Personal Values
    • Understanding Your Values
    • Step 2: Define Your Values
    • Step 3: Put It All Together
    • Shared Vision

Who should complete this course?

  • - Directors
  • - Managers
  • - Team Leaders
  • - Job hunters

What Others Say...

“I attended a business conference with Maureen as a Keynote Speaker - her session was on Wired for Success.
The session unlocked my mind, my thinking, my brain! Suddenly, I looked at my notes at the end of her session and there was the answer - I had mapped out my journey. Thank you Maureen for a fruitful session.”

Blessing By Ble

“Maureen carried out a highly regarded and successful development day on Emotional Intelligence for Leaders at our NHS Trust. The day was expertly led and delivered, with a depth of scientific knowledge and effective communication to make the subject matter accessible to all. Highly recommended.”

K. Woods - NHS Kent

“Maureen is excellent at what she does - nurturing leaders using approaches in neuroscience. What particularly stood out for me was how accessible she made very abstract scientific concepts.”

Gloria Appiah - Lecturer at University of Kent

“The way in which you set your mind can enable positive and quick progression within your professional life.
After working closely with Maureen, and taking part in different trainings, a mind-set which was confident and encouraging was gained and built upon.
Salary in the last four years has increased significantly with a move into management in a short space of time.
Maureen is an expert in changing mind sets and enabling individuals, teams, as well as organisations to be able to move forward towards a goal. ”

J. Karakanna

“You inspired me and gave me self confidence and look what happened!! I have just won the Excellence in teaching and learning award. I also won a West Norfolk Champion award (for my teaching and helping students and therefore making an impact on my community). The mayor of King's Lynn presented me with the award.
Thank you for just being you and literally changing my life.”

D. Fletcher

Get Out of the Passenger Seat and Into the Driver's Seat.

This eToolkit is for your life strategy, to help you get back to your foundations, to discover and live your best life and to prepare your future intentions with clarity, inspiration and great success.

Developing personal mastery is very essential for every leader that wants to achieve sustainable success. This involves developing the ability to determine how aware you are of yourself and the repercussions of this awareness is the building block of emotional intelligence.
Rise Higher Workbook at The Mindsight academy

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    • Reset Yourself (Part 3) - Use the SMARTEST Goal process to create brain based goals
    • Reform Your Life (Part 4) - Gain skills to boost your resilience and adaptability
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About Maureen

Maureen Chiana


Maureen Chiana, the visionary founder and CEO of The Mindsight Academy, is a distinguished NeuroLeadership Expert specialising in the integration of neuroscience with leadership and self-leadership training. Her groundbreaking work significantly enhances decision-making, emotional intelligence (EQ), and performance for professionals worldwide. As the host of the Lead To Excel Podcast, Maureen provides actionable insights that empower leaders to achieve and exceed their professional goals.

Her innovative approach focuses on the brain-mind-body connection, utilising advanced strategies to promote substantial personal and professional development. Her pioneering methods in neurocoaching and corporate consulting have established her as a leading voice and authority in the field.

A key aspect of her expertise is in cognitive enhancement techniques that elevate brain function, which is crucial for improving EQ, communication, resilience, and innovative thinking. These skills are vital for effective leadership and organizational productivity. Maureen collaborates with top organizations such as NHS UK, Johnson & Johnson, and Siemens Healthineers, offering presentations that blend humour with transformative insights.

Within The Mindsight Academy, Maureen also leads the Mindsight Women's Network, a faith-based initiative that empowers Christian women through the integration of science and scripture. This network offers a nurturing environment where faith-filled women can bloom to their fullest potential, drawing strength from both scientific insights and spiritual principles.

With a comprehensive background spanning various sectors and a profound commitment to neuroscience, Maureen is adept at helping professionals to master emotional intelligence, enabling them to navigate mental barriers and enhance their adaptive thinking. This focus strengthens both their leadership and self-leadership capabilities.

Through engaging workshops, courses, and speaking engagements worldwide, Maureen demystifies the brain-mind-body connection and provides science-based strategies for peak performance. Her work not only spans multiple continents but also revolutionises leadership practices by infusing them with scientific rigour and practical, emotionally intelligent solutions.

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