Leading Through a Period of Exponential Change

The last year has turned out to be one of disruption and change.

Our daily lives, from educating our kids, managing our health, and working from home, to simple social rituals like dinner with friends, has undergone rapid multi-dimensional change.

Many leaders have struggled to adapt or manage this fast pace of change - dealing with economic, health, and logistical crisis. The problem is traditional leadership models weren’t built for this kind of fast paced change.
When faced with a challenge, the emotional centre of the human brain is activated to naturally protect us from the perceived threat. This unfortunately de-activated our cognitive brain that specialises in decision making and problem solving.

There is now a great need for a new form of leadership, better equipped to navigate this unprecedented kind of change - leaders who generate impact and empathy. We need 'Conscious Leaders' who are discerning in navigating change, while also being humane in the face of change that can often feel alien.

This will create Leaders who are authentic, humble, vulnerable and inspiring the necessary trust and psychological safety, that drives shared learning and emotional intelligence, resulting in enhanced collective performance.
This ultimately leads to increased team motivation, engagement, performance, productivity and profitability..

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How Prepared Is Your Organisation for Change?

Equipping leaders and managers with skills to powerfully lead through change and minimize the disruption of change.

One of the most difficult tasks during organizational change is maintaining employee engagement and motivation in the midst of uncertainty. The role of the leader is to minimize the impact, whilst maintaining employee engagement and focus.

Many organizations are currently facing major change initiatives such as, business strategy shifts, major restructures, redundancies. Given the wide scope of these initiatives and the anticipated difficulties due to the pandemic, organizations are struggling to keep leaders, managers and employees focused and productive.

This training will empower leaders to:

Achieve high performance by intentionally addressing the social brain.

  • understand and better manage their own reactions to change from a brain based perspective.

  • facilitate high quality conversations about change with employees

  • proactively maximize individual and team engagement

  • establish long term leadership effectiveness and capabilities.

  • Maximize motivation of self and others

Do You Want To Build Your Leaders Capability?

We Will Create a Sustainable Impactful Program for Your Organisation


  • Understand the biological reason why change is difficult.

  • Turn anxiety and overwhelming threats into manageable emotions and threats.

  • Help others see the opportunities ahead in the face of change and potential threats.

  • Learn to regulate your emotions and help others regulate their emotions.

  • Have tough conversations in a brain friendly way.

  • Maintain focus, emotion and momentum to maximize engagement, learning and growth.

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The Science...

Helping managers and leaders understand how the brain functions and provides you with useful tools to create new, more easily accessible mental maps to ensure that you and your team members or employees maintain a positive mental state. This will result in improved thinking and better decision-making for everyone.

About Maureen

Maureen Chiana

NeuroLeadership & Resilience Trainer

I am a NeuroLeadership and Resilience trainer, speaker and mentor. I leverage on recent research, on the Neuroscience of how the brain works to empower leaders, educators, women in leadership and business owners to unlock their potential, maximise performance and build high performing teams, organisations and lives.

My philosophy is centred on the principle that leaders can achieve high performance, increase productivity, fast results and high team engagement by having the tools to develop high emotional intelligence, replace limiting beliefs and thoughts with enabling ones, understand behaviour preferences, be more adaptable, more innovative and more resilient. This can be achieved by making the brain work optimally and becoming a Conscious Leader.

Having worked in senior leadership and management positions in different sectors, I have also successfully run my own businesses in the Education, IT and Hospitality sectors. I had the opportunity to also work on various Medical Research projects over the years.

I am very passionate about supporting leaders to use insights from Neuroscience to see into your blind spot, expand your vision and more effectively influence outcome, release resistance, build more emotional agile teams and mobilise the entire organisation quickly and efficiently to a clear and common goal of excellence.