Does this sound familiar?

  • Your organisation is struggling to achieve its vision?

  • Your organisation is suffering from"Paralysis by Analysis".

  • Maybe you feel that your company had veered away somewhat from its core strategy and culture.

  • Your managers and employees resist change and struggle to embrace the new ways.

  • Many of your employees lack motivation, commitment and passion?

  • Managers and employees get overwhelmed when they face challenging situations.

Unlocking The Power of Growth Mindsets for Individuals, Teams, and Organisations

The reality is that while every organisation is unique, the challenges encountered are very similar.

Culture determines an organisations readiness to change and constant change is a way of life in organisations today.

Many organisations embark on making the right cultural changes of which only 30 percent are fully successful, mainly due to resistance, which can have a long term negative effect on the desired outcome. But, when culture change works, the impact is astounding.

Research has shown that there is a massive disconnection between the importance of culture and the time senior leadership teams spend discussing the topic.

The main focus of leaders on organisational change is usually on processes, but to avoid risk aversion, to build a more resilient, adaptable and responsive workforce - organisations need to be embrace Growth Mindset. This mindset change helps to deal with the way the brain represents information about change and the way we are wired as human beings to avoid threat. 

We now know that Mindset has a profound impact on performance, which is what has led me to build this course after seeing the quick results organisations can achieve.

I'm building this course to:

  • Enable you avoid the frustration of leading another failed initiative, leading to waste of resources, time, money, energy and people.
  • To give you the confidence to support your teams to achieve transformation, engagement, and innovation.
  • Help you recognise yours and others mindset and be equipped to change it to achieve high employee engagement, whilst preventing diminished morale.
  • Inspire a growth-oriented culture that values learning and creativity and improves leadership and organisational performance.
  • Enable you become an agile change agent that leads your organisation effectively in times of change.
  • Equip you to become Resilient and lead a thriving team during change periods.
  • To help you build influence, optimise decision making, improve communication and sustain change.
  • To provide you with support and accountability via a private group while you implement the lessons learned. You'll be able to get feedback so you can keep building your confidence to lead at a high level.

[IMPORTANT] This is the beta launch of this course. The course is being launched at a discounted rate of $497. Your financial investment is backed by a 14 day money back guarantee. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within 14 days upon the release of the first module and I will give you a full refund. 

Become a Growth Mindset Organisation Today

The Science of Successful Organisational Change.

The 'Growth Mindset Culture Transformation' course will equip you with everything you need to become Growth Mindset leaders that change behaviour, and create an agile culture. The science of successful organisational change, gives you the tools to build collaboration and accountability. I'm looking for FAST Action Takers - This offer won't be open long...
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Become a Growth Mindset Organisation Today

What you will learn

The Course will include 6 weeks of modules and lessons, reflection questions and exercises, action plans, exclusive live "Ask Maureen Anything" calls and an online community. The course will feature lessons on:

  • Leadership and Organisational Growth Mindset

    Understanding how the brain experiences change and identifying different types Mindsets.

  • Growth Mindset or Fixed Mindset Organisation

    Cognitive biases plague high-stakes decision making, so this training will help leaders design safeguards and new practices that help auto-correct the decisions before they cost money.

  • Managing a successful cultural transformation

    The importance of a compelling vision and the leaders role in managing and sustaining the process.

  • Creating a Growth Mindset Culture

    Analysing the 3 key elements for embedding the framework for lasting behaviour change.

  • Challenges to Embedding a Growth Mindset Culture

    Examining the challenges in establishing a Growth Mindset culture and how to prevent or overcome them.

  • Benefits of Being a Growth Mindset Organisation

    Reviewing the benefits of a growth mindset culture on employees and the organisation Employees Impact on the Organisation

What They SAY

The way in which you set your mind can enable positive and quick progression within your professional life. This is something that has been achieved due to a positive mind set and gaining training from Maureen. After working closely with Maureen, and taking part in different trainings, a mind-set which was confident and encouraging was gained and built upon. This in part contributed to being able to progress through the educational career ladder relatively quickly. Salary in the last four years has increased significantly with a move into management in a short space of time. Maureen is an expert in changing mind sets and enabling individuals, teams, well as organisations to be able to move forward towards a goal. 

J. Karakanna – London 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get my money back if I am not happy with the course?

Ans: I offer a 14-day money back guarantee, so if you don't perceive value in the course (this is very unlikely though!), do get in touch and we will be happy to help.

Q: Can I take this course on my phone or tablet?

Ans: For sure! All the course content is fully responsive, so it will work regardless of whether you are on a computer or a mobile device.

Q: What do I do if I have questions about the course?

Ans: You'll be able to post your questions in the community discussion forums. If you have questions before you buy, contact me at:

Here's what's included in your course:

  • Growth Mindset Framework

    You will learn how to develop within your organisation the two key elements to establish a culture change and the three factors to ensure lasting behaviour adaptations for a sustained high performance.

  • Practical Designs For Your Business

    You will have the opportunity to use the many resources provided which include, video training, pdf information, worksheets, action plans, templates to implement quick changes in your practice and your organisation.

  • Private Group

    You will have access to a private group to provide you with additional support and build your confidence. It will also provide you with a network of other leaders for accountability and peer support. Ask questions in the group and get the support you require.