Women are the hope for the business world of the 21st Century.

You don't need anyone to say 'YES" to you - You can say 'YES' to yourself!
Get Equipped and Rise to the Challenge!

Owning Your Strengths and Skills

What are the influences, barriers and benefits to your leadership?

Women have always had a long-standing history in the workplace, in all roles from frontline worker to visionary founder, influential behind-the-scenes patron to front and centre CEO.

This is a time of great change and one that presents fantastic opportunities for women to step into their power by taking more senior leadership/executive roles.

This Neuroscience: The Female Leaders Masterclass is unique because it focuses on equipping you with the brain-based skills to build your confidence, navigate obstacles, effectively empower others, and enable you to secure your next leadership role or a stretch promotion.  

This program will enable you to develop strategies to successfully advocate for yourself and develop effective communication skills by offering you the opportunity to take a critical look at how your brain impacts your life, leadership style, decisions, and actions.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome to the Neuroscience: The Female Leaders Secret Weapon Masterclass!

    • START HERE: A Message From Maureen

    • Masterclass Event Schedule

  • 2

    Day 0: Pre-Party! (Sept 30th 2022)

    • PreParty Video

    • Pre-Party Day

    • Masterclass Notepad - Fill

  • 3

    Day #1: The Science of Discovering Self Leadership (Oct 1st)

    • Day 1: The Science of Discovering Self Leadership

    • Action Planning - Masterclass

    • FLSW Masterclass Day 1 Video

  • 4

    Day #2: Understanding The Impact Of Your Behavior Patterns (Oct 2nd)

    • Day 2: Understanding How You Are Wired

    • Behavior Pattern Worksheet

    • Masterclass Video Day 2 B


    • End of Session Questions

  • 5

    Day #3: Identifying and Rethinking Your Leadership Style (Oct 3rd)

    • Day 3: Identifying and Rethinking Your Leadership Style

    • Reflection Diary

    • FLSW Masterclass Day 3b


  • 6

    Day #4: Developing High Emotional Intelligence To Excel As A Leader (Oct 4th)

    • Todays Action Item (11am EST)

  • 7

    Edit: After Party Day #1 (Oct 5th)

    • After-Party Day 1

  • 8

    After Party Day #2 (Oct 6th)

    • The Ultimate Limitless Leader's Q&A (11am EST)

    • VIP ONLY - Personal Branding Training & Closing Ceremony (11am EST - Closing Ceremony Follows)

  • 9

    After Party Day #3 (Oct 7th)

    • Let's Talk About Your Next Steps! (11am EST)

  • 10

    General resources

    • Masterclass Notepad - Fill

    • End of Session Questions